how coaching helps you…

Learn more about coaching by reading here all about it. Get more clarity how coaching can support you with your challenges. Invest in yourself now and engage with your future through coaching.

Are you thinking about coaching but feeling overwhelmed by all the offers?

Or are you not sure what to look for in a coach?

Starting coaching is a thrilling step for personal and professional growth. To get the most from this experience, to get that perfect match that will empower your transformation, think about these four important questions:


1. What would I like to bring from my coaching? And why and how important is that for me?


Take a moment to reflect on your individual goals and the challenges you’re currently navigating. Whether it’s advancing in your career, enhancing leadership skills, finding a better life balance, or honing specific skills, understanding the specifics of what you want to achieve will guide you to a coach with the right expertise.

Define what success means to you on a personal level. It could involve reaching specific career milestones, gaining a profound understanding of your personal values, or undergoing a transformative mindset shift. Your personal definition of success serves as a compass, guiding both you and your coach towards outcomes that hold deep meaning for you.


 2. What makes that I feel trusted, safe and supported during my coaching sessions?


One of the most important competences of a successful partnership between a coach and yourself, is that you feel trusted, safe and supported. The coach should, not only practice, but live ethics. When you find yourself in a safe space you will feel more at ease to share and to be vulnerable in your feelings and thoughts. This way you will progress in your transformation even further and the results of your coaching will be beyond expectations.

Schedule an introduction session to assess the coach-client fit. Pay attention to how comfortable you feel discussing your goals and whether the coach demonstrates active listening and empathy. A strong connection is crucial for a successful coaching relationship.


 3. What coaching style resonates with me?


Consider your preferred learning and communication style. Some coaches use a direct, results-oriented approach, while others may focus on exploration and self-discovery.

Understand the coach’s philosophy on personal growth and development. Some coaches may emphasize structured goal-setting and action plans, while others focus on mindset and emotional intelligence.

Think about your availability and preferred schedule. Some coaches offer flexibility in terms of session frequency and timing. Assess your needs and whether a coach’s availability aligns with your lifestyle.

Ensure the coach’s overall approach aligns with your values, personality and preferences.


 4. What experience and expertise does the coach have?


Look for a coach with experience and expertise relevant to your goals. Review their background, certifications, and client testimonials. A coach with a track record of success in your area of focus is more likely to provide valuable insights and guidance.




These questions are your guide to making the most of your coaching journey. Reflecting on your goals, ensuring trust and support, understanding your preferred coaching style, and considering a coach’s experience are all key steps.

Remember, finding the right coach is crucial, but it’s also about building a partnership based on trust and shared values. This foundation is what will make your coaching experience truly transformative and exceed your expectations.

As you schedule your introduction session, trust your instincts and choose a coach who aligns with your goals and personality. This investment in yourself is a powerful step toward significant personal and professional growth.

Wishing you a rewarding and transformative coaching journey!





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