Solid knowledge is shared in the Building Your Business Blog to help building your business so that you can feel authentic, strong and be recognized by your ideal markets.

Every month I share great hands on tips for the difficulties when running a consultancy business.

This month I enjoy sharing my top 5 tips to you myself. With having a background in international financial management and with Sea Your Value Coaching being my third self-owned business, I would like to share some advice that I wish had been shared with me years ago. Some advice which will help you restore your authentic connection with your business and life. Some advice which will get you in balance and recognized by your ideal market.

Tip 1. Start with your purpose, your ‘Why’

‘Start with why’, by Simon Sinek, a classic must read for you. It’s about how you gain in strength, recognition and growth by being authentic. You achieve this authenticity by practising your ‘Why’.

Why are you doing what you do? What difference would you like to make in someones life? What reaches and influents your heart? Why did you choose for this service? What gives you energy, enrichment and a feeling of freedom while serving your clients? How do you distinguish yourself? All these kind of questions will help you finding your route to purpose, to your ‘Why’.

When practising your ‘Why’ while honouring your own values, you are transparant in your authenticity. You work out of your own strength. While positioning yourself in this unique way, you feel independant and decisive. You will empower and feel enriched with a clear and simple message to your clients.

Tip 2. Get your ducks in a row

What is causing you to lose your authentic connection with your business and life? Why are you experiencing a serious imbalance and feel unrecognized by your ideal market?

With getting your ducks in a row, you not only start analyzing your current situation, you also develop your ideal vision with a solid strategy. Start by identifying your ideal cliënt. Focus on which problem you want to solve for your ideal cliënt while adhering certain values. Simplify. Identify your current market position and compare this to your ideal position. Learn from your competitors. Determine your revenue models and valuation. Brand your service with storytelling. Be visible. And, always improve by continiously analyzing your results, markets and reviews.

Tip 3. Preach what you practice & Practice what you preach

Communication, visibility and transparancy are key in clients connecting with you. Clients only engage with you when they feel inspired by you and recognize themselves in you.

Empower and enrich your message to your client with real authenticity, involvement, courage, energy and togetherness. Be vulnerable yourself and experience how real connection feels like with your client. It makes your work even of more value.

Tip 4. Specialize & Simplify

Keep your business simple and specialized. Solve one problem for one ideal client in one specific market. Only then, you will become the go-to professional.

It will be way easier for your client not only to find you, but also to recommend you to other potential new clients. As communication will be more clear, clients know what to expect. Also, solid development and growth can follow up without confusing, for example via cross selling.

Tip 5. Dare to share & Team up!

Togetherness, involvement, partnerships and partnering are some of the values which can take you and your business further in life.

Share best practices by sharing and gaining knowledge and by working together. Yes, also with your competitors. Delegate to involved employees or third parties. You will learn and save hours at the same time. Hours that can be spend on cliënts and your freedom in (business)life.


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