Hi, I’m Daphne

I’m a coach for personal growth in life, career and business | ICF certified ACC

With 14+ years in Finance, primarily as a Finance Manager in international law firms, and with living abroad, I’ve navigated demanding work environments and diverse cultures.

With humanity as key driver, creating sustainable workspaces while achieving optimal results has become my passion.

I support individuals, internationals, entrepreneurs, managers and executives, in gaining new insights and perspectives on challenges regarding identity, career, inclusion, change and sustainable development.

Enthusiastic to show you what getting back to your authentic values means for your life, your career or your business.

What being aware of your true desires looks like in a life of fulfilment, what working with your true vision looks like in a solid strategy.

But most important, what it means for your feeling of freedom in (business)life

Service in Dutch and English.

Why is coaching you or your business my mission in life?


I’ve been active in Finance for over 14 years, mostly as a Finance Manager within several international law firms.

During those years I gained a lot of experience in high demanding and international work environments and (business) cultures.

Creating pleasant and sustainable work environments, while achieving optimal results, became over the years a passion of mine.

As a Finance Manager I had great reach on how to connect the true challenges in performance to a work culture in where namely inclusion and recognition was regularly missing.

Investing in people leads to positive feelings like happiness, fulfilment, belonging, connection, commitment and recognition. That then leads to increased productivity, efficiency, growth and a sustainable overall (business) performance.

Realizing this made me feel responsible and motivated to take ownership. I felt that my true mission was born.

It was mostly this ownership that empowered my decision to leave my employment and start a business in financial consultancy. Working independently with clear perspective and own new insights. This changed me into being the actual solution for clients instead of only standing up for the performance challenges with a warm heart.

Due to my enjoyable move to Stockholm Archipelago in Sweden, I decided to leave finance to commit even more to humanity. I started my own coaching company Sea Your Value Coaching.

Supporting private persons, expats, entrepreneurs, managers and executives in getting new insights and perspectives regarding their challenges.

Challenges in talent, fulfilment, culture, leadership, change and sustainable development. All challenges that will bring so much added value when worked on.

For many years I thrived with the quote ‘work hard, play hard’. Adding on to life unlimited with a strong drive to have it all and do it all. This resulted in a heavy burn out.

Living sustainable; being present and grateful, making authentic choices and focusing on humanity within life.

From now on, I know that I will live my life different.

This whole journey fueled my passion for coaching even more and made that I am a ICF Certified Coach today helping many others. I truly understood and lived the effect of being coached. As I still do today.

Coaching is such a powerful tool to be and feel supported in getting your own new insights and perspectives that truly benefit you.

The greatest athletes and business people are being constantly coached successfully in their achievements, so why not awarding yourself through coaching?

Why Sea Your Value?

A quick link is made to me living the archipelago life here in Sweden. But it goes deeper than that.

Since I can remember, I enjoy the sea. I go there to be happy, to be mindful, to be reflective, to be social, to be present, to be at ease. I feel connected with the sea for all state of minds.

This is a widely felt connection throughout the whole world. And for a reason. The color blue is associated with feelings of calmness and peace. Listening to the tide and flow of waves and the swell of the sea naturally soothes and relaxes the brain. It improves the mental health. It clarifies your vision. It invites you towards new insights and new perspectives.

There is no better time than to start today!

So, invest in yourself now and engage with your future!