You are feeling lost in your identity?


You are questioning your emigration?


You are struggling keeping your vision alive?


You are longing for more inclusion?


You are unsure how to make your dream reality?


You are exhausted from all novelties?


You are lost in legislation?


You are not able to succeed in your career?



in control again of who your are 


authentic and energetic


balanced in all your priorities


strong and motivated


connected with yourself and your surrounding?


Welcome to your transformative journey into the heart of expat living – a journey of self-discovery, resilience and growth.

As an expat, you are at a crossroads where your old identity meets the promise of a new and enriched version of yourself. It’s a journey marked by phases: understanding and appreciating your roots while courageously stepping into the unknown, leaving behind the familiar to embrace change and opportunity.

Throughout this journey, perseverance becomes your steadfast companion. You’ll encounter challenges, yes, but each obstacle is a chance for personal evolution, a step towards building a new, fulfilling life.

As an expat, you connect with diverse cultures, legislations and environments. Challenges will definitely arise, but so do possibilities in opportunities for growth, fulfillment and exciting new experiences. It’s a journey where resilience and adaptability shine brightest.

This coaching journey isn’t just about geographical change – it’s a holistic evolution of identity, perseverance, inclusion and career. So, embrace the changes, challenges and opportunities that await and embark on this transformative journey with confidence, determination and me as your coach!

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation as an expat. Transition from your old self to embrace a new and enriched version of who you are.

Old Identity: Understand and appreciate your roots and where you come from. This forms the foundation for your personal growth.

New Identity: Embrace the opportunity to redefine yourself in the face of new cultures and experiences. See it as a chance for personal evolution.

Equip yourself with resilience as you navigate the expat journey. Acknowledge the phases of leaving behind the familiar and building a new, fulfilling life.

Phasing out: Courageously step into the unknown, leaving behind the past with determination. It’s a process of letting go of the old to make way for the new.

Building up: Celebrate the journey of creating a new life, embracing change, and flourishing amidst challenges. Each obstacle is an opportunity for growth.

Immerse yourself in the diverse expat life, fostering a sense of belonging through exploration of culture, legislation, and environment.

Culture: Dive into the rich cultural tapestry of your surroundings, learning and contributing to vibrant communities. It’s an essential part of your expat experience.

Legislation: Navigate the legal aspects of your host country to understand the rules shaping your expat experience. Knowledge empowers inclusion.

Environment: Connect with the new environment, appreciating the nuances that shape your daily life. Embrace the unique aspects of your surroundings.

Navigate your professional journey as an expat, facing challenges and unlocking possibilities for growth and fulfillment.

Challenges: Confront the hurdles of building a career in a new environment with resilience and determination. Each challenge is an opportunity to showcase your adaptability.

Possibilities: Discover new opportunities and pathways for professional growth and fulfillment. Your career as an expat holds the potential for exciting and enriching experiences.

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Through personal coaching (according to the ICF Standards) I support and guide you in how to take responsibility, how to increase self-awareness and how to gain new perspectives.

My goal is to encourage you to come to your own important insights. Insights that benefit the quality of your life, your decisionmaking, your values, your desires and your achievements.

My responsibility, as a coach, lies with the expertise of the coaching process. Your responsibility lies in setting goals, formulating results and leading yourself on a personal and professional journey towards your desired goals.

Coaching is possible both in Dutch and English.

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Lovely words from clients


Hi, I’m Daphne

I’m an ICF certified Life & Business Coach for your international milestones

With 14+ years in Finance, primarily as a Finance Manager in international law firms, and with living abroad, I’ve navigated demanding work environments and diverse cultures.

With humanity as key driver, creating sustainable workspaces while achieving optimal results has become my passion.

I support individuals, internationals, entrepreneurs, managers and executives, in gaining new insights and perspectives on challenges regarding identity, career, inclusion, change and sustainable development.

Enthusiastic to show you what getting back to your authentic values means for you, your life, your business and your clients.

What being aware of your true desires looks like in a life of fulfilment, what working with your true vision looks like in a solid strategy.

But most important, what it means for your feeling of freedom in (business)life

Service in Dutch and English.

There is no better time than to start today!

So, invest in yourself now and engage with your future!