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What is sustainability and why is it so important?

Being sustainable means that you can fulfil your needs without compromising the needs of future generations. This, while you ensure a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being.

Taking care of our planet and her ecosystems is critical to maintain quality, diversity and health of all life.

As global warming is happening faster, we need action and balance now so that we can limit the damage for our next generation.

How to practice sustainability within your business?

As climate change gets worse, it is very important that you take accountability with your business for reducing your environmental impact. But also, for increasing your positive influence on the economic and social impact.

This list could be a helpful start of becoming sustainable with your business:

-Minimize waste through reusing and recycling
-Be more energy efficient
-Lower water use
-Reduce carbon emissions caused by commuting and travelling
-Facilitate in eco-friendly work and home offices
-Use eco-friendly products, foods and drinks
-Partner with eco-friendly companies
-Avoid greenwashing
-Focus on cross-selling with clients
-Invest in your employees happiness, rights, representation and quality of life
-Educate your current employees in sustainability
-Encourage volunteerism for your employees
-Inspire and reward your stakeholders

Your business can operate sustainably while inspiring and helping your clients to also become more economically, ecologically and socially conscious. You can even reward them or start a partnership regarding sustainability.

What does a sustainable business bring you?


Believe it, a sustainable business saves you actually costs and may even contribute to your revenue growth.

For example, when you decrease your purchases, decrease travelling, be more energy efficient, this all will save you costs and time.

You will improve your market position towards less sustainable competitors.

And most importantly, you will improve your credibility so that you not only attract, but also keep more new clients, employees and investors for a longer period.

What risks come with sustainability?

It is important to be careful with green washing as it can damage your reputation and credibility towards all your stakeholders. Greenwashing is about compensating your emissions instead of reducing them. An example is planting trees for flying. You can maybe see it as an intermediate step towards circular economy, but make sure you always combine it with reducing your footprint as well and make it temporary till you are circular.

Sustainability comes with higher costs through to limited availability of resources. This is a well known challenge for businesses. How much can and will your client pay and how can you shift awareness for the better regarding your services. Make sure you have those answers proactively.

Another experienced risk is instability due to social and community challenges. Not every client, employee or investor is happy with your new travelling or office policies. Or even with your sustainable vision. Make sure your communication and motivation is clear and felt with from the beginning. Maybe you can even inspire them..

How can you accelerate your positive effects?

There are many specialized companies that can help you calculate your (carbon) footprint. They even can help with forming strategies. Don’t go and reinvent the wheel yourself. Of course, an investment is needed, but it saves you time and therefore money. Also, it empowers your position and therefore it brings you money as well.

You can invest in sustainable technology so that you empower the implementation of circular economy in general.

Spread the word and inspire other companies and even join forces for greater results.

What are you waiting for! Start now and become sustainably recognized!


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