Hey there!

Receiving this input request means that you and I were in contact regarding my program ‘Expat Transformation Journey – From Dream To Reality’!


First of all, thank you greatly for your willingness to give your input! You are not only helping me, but many other expats (to be) that really appreciate your reaching hand. Second, I want to acknowlegde and celebrate your bravery for trusting your own journey and actually making your dream your reality! It shows perseverance and resilience which many of us fail to follow through on.

That brings me to my mission, a coaching program to make the expat route more enjoyable and easy for persons with whom we share the same dream!

I would like to invite you to answer as many questions as you are up to. Your input is anonymously, but if you want you are always welcome to leave your name. Your name will not be used for further publications as neither will your input. Your input is solely for me to help design a high quality program for our expat community.

If you prefer to have a 60 minute online meeting instead of going through these questions in writing, please leave your emailaddress so I can contact you for that (its optioned in the list below). Please note that your data will be solely used for this input request and will be deleted after.

the program!

Please find on your right the mindmap on which the program is based. I selected 4 key areas of attention for expats (to be). 

The program exists (for now) of 6 coaching sessions for 6 different modules and will be offered in one-to-one coaching and (small) group coaching settings. 

The questions that you are about to answer sees to testing and complementing the content of the modules and the forming of my general coaching questions which I unfortunately can’t share yet.

Highly appreciating you in advance for your efforts and commitment again! And to show my gratitude, I would like to offer you 70% discount on 5 coaching sessions of choice (valued € 187,50 / SEK 1.875,- incl VAT instead of € 625,- / SEK 6.250,- incl VAT) or a free seat in the pilot of this program; free to choose one-on-one or small group coaching.