Your personal values are one of the most important foundations for living your life in true fulfilment. So identifying your values, preaching your values and practicing your values should therefore be on top of your agenda. It is important to continuously maintain and prioritize your values as they change with you through life experiences.

Here I highlight all different kind of values and explain what these can bring you. Enjoy reading!

Throughout our life, expectations can be silent threats to our happiness. While it’s natural to have hopes, high expectations can lead to frustration and disappointment. Let’s explore how these high expectations can undermine our well-being.

High inflexible expectations can lead to frustration and unhappiness

Expectations often act as silent agreements with ourselves or others about how things should unfold. The danger arises when they become inflexible standards. When reality doesn’t meet our preset expectations, it can lead to frustration and stress.

One significant threat of expectations is the erosion of gratitude. When we expect things to happen a certain way, we might overlook the positives in our lives. Always chasing what we think should happen can make us feel unhappy and like we’re constantly missing out on something.


It can affect self-worth through disappointment and self-doubt

Moreover, expectations can affect our self-worth. Setting unrealistically high standards for achievements or appearance can lead to self-doubt and disappointment, impacting our mental and emotional well-being.

In relationships, expectations can cast a dark shadow, leading to resentment and misunderstandings. Instead of fostering open communication, expectations set the stage for disappointment when others fall short.


Safeguard happiness through cultivating flexibility, gratitude and acceptance

Life is unpredictable, and holding onto high expectations can cause constant stress. Embracing flexibility and acceptance allows us to appreciate life’s journey and find joy in the present moment.

To safeguard our happiness, it’s crucial to reassess expectations. Cultivating flexibility, gratitude, and acceptance helps us appreciate life’s journey and find joy in unexpected moments.



In conclusion, while expectations may seem like hopeful aspirations, they can become silent threats to our happiness. By acknowledging the dangers and embracing flexibility, gratitude, and acceptance, we create space for a more fulfilling and contented life. Happiness often lies not in meeting expectations but in finding joy in life’s unpredictable journey.

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