Your personal values are one of the most important foundations for living your life in true fulfilment. So identifying your values, preaching your values and practicing your values should therefore be on top of your agenda. It is important to continuously maintain and prioritize your values as they change with you through life experiences.

Here I highlight all different kind of values and explain what these can bring you. Enjoy reading!

This month I enjoy introducing the value ‘Active Listening’ to you.

Communication is key to actually anything. Let alone for your visibility and recognition in your ideal market. You want your ideal clients to identify themselves with you and your business. Also, you want your employees and third parties to connect and to be involved with you and your business as well.

As there are many different areas of interest (employees, clients, third parties etc.) for you and your business, communication should be adjusted to these areas of interest in order to be understandable and inspiring for them all at the same time.

The most important part of communication is listening. Active listening. When you listen actively, you hear. When you hear, you can really make a effective and efficient difference for your client, employees, third parties and therefore for yourself and your business.

How do you practice Active Listening?

Communication consists of words, tone and body language where the words only account for max. 10%.

Active listening goes beyond hearing what your clients say in words. Use your intuition to listen behind the words. Observe tone and body language as well. Notice if words, tone and body language are in proportion to each other. Are your clients smiling or do they have a cheerful tone of voice when they tell you their happy?

What not to do

Don’t judge, think for your clients, nor finish sentences. It will distance you even more from giving your clients the opportunity to find their real question for you themselves.

What to do

Instead, be fully present in your conversation with your clients. Be kind and respectful in order for your clients to feel trusted and safe. Show empathy and confirm with understanding. Supply space and transparency when needed.

What can Active Listening bring you and your clients?

Active Listening will serve both you and your clients in many ways.

The clients will feel trusted and safe while being vulnerable in telling you their problem.

You can reach out and offer a sustainable solution to your clients in an effective and efficient way. One that will enrich and empower.


Preview next edition:

In the next ‘Investing in your values’ I will explain more about the value Authenticity! Why this value is not to be missed in your route to freedom in (business)life! So stay tuned!



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