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Learn more about coaching by reading here all about it. Get more clarity how coaching can support you with your challenges. Invest in yourself now and engage with your future through coaching.

What is coaching and what is it not?

Coaching is a professional partnership between you and your coach regarding your goal. Your coach supports and guides you in how to take responsibility, how to increase self-awareness and how to gain new perspectives to reach your goal.

Your coach encourages you to come to your own important insights. Insights that benefit the quality of your life, your decisionmaking, your values, your desires and your achievements.

The responsibility of your coach lies with the expertise of the coaching process. Your responsibility lies in setting goals, formulating results and leading yourself on a personal and professional journey towards your desired goals.

Key characteristics of what coaching is

Goal-Oriented: Coaching is centered around helping you define and achieve your goals, whether they are personal or professional. Although setting a goal is essential, the focus of your coach will be you, not your subject.

Client-Centered: The focus of your coach is on your agenda, needs, and aspirations. Your coach supports you in exploring your own values, strengths, and priorities.

Holistic Approach: Coaching often addresses various aspects of your life, recognizing how personal and professional aspects are connected.

Facilitative: Your coach uses challeging questioning, active listening, and other techniques to facilitate your own thought processes, encouraging self-discovery and awareness.

Action-Driven: Coaching is not just about talking; it involves setting specific actions and holding you accountable for taking steps toward your goals.

Non-Directive: Your coach does not provide solutions or advice. Instead, they help you explore possibilities, make choices, and take responsibility for your decisions.

Developmental: Coaching aims to promote your personal and professional development, helping you build skills, confidence, and resilience.


What is coaching not?


Therapy: Coaching is not a form of therapy. While therapy often explores the past to understand and address psychological issues, coaching is future-oriented and focuses on achieving specific goals.

Consulting: Coaches do not provide expert advice or solutions. Consulting involves offering specialized knowledge and recommendations, which is different from the facilitative approach of coaching.

Mentoring: While mentors may share their experiences and provide guidance, coaching is not about your coach imparting their wisdom or serving as a role model. It is about drawing out your own insights.

Training: Coaching is not the same as training, which typically involves the transfer of specific skills or knowledge. Coaching is more about helping you unlock your existing potential.

Counseling: Counseling is often focused on emotional well-being and resolving issues. Coaching, on the other hand, is forward-focused and aims to enhance performance and achieve goals.



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